Gauz Technologies

Professional Web Development


We help small and medium companies getting their websites up and running. Set it up once and get smooth results forever. We take care of hosting, infrastructure and every technical aspect of your website so you have more time to focus on what's important: your business.


Some of our clients

  • A great local window cleaning company from Palm Beach county needed a website redesign and focus on their SEO strategy to generate more leads. They successfully increased their conversions after the redesign.
  • Louisiana based CPA firm wanted to re-host their website, make some improvements to the site and host their corporate emails on a professional platform. We helped them achieve that and much more.
  • Disaster recovery operations started after hurricane Irma and Maria in 2016. Several contractors needed a system to organize their efforts in rebuilding the island. After hurricane Florence in 2018 operations expanded to North Carolina.
  • CLM Contractors is a construction company with operations in several states of USA. They have their website, Google Mail and other tools hosted and managed by Gauztech.

Our services


We use cutting edge technologies in our servers, efficient top-notch configuration and years of experience to make your site faster and always responsive.


Our servers have multiple layers of security - The operative system, network and your website itself is always updated with the latest security patches available..


We have 10 years of experience with frontend and backend development, database optimization, server configuration and many other areas your business is going to need.

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